The Most Advanced Pet Comm the World Has Ever Seen?

scout 5000

Thanks to the Motorola Scout, your dog’s privacy is history.

It’s not as exciting as say a 3D compost-heap printer, but pet tech is slowly moving beyond the twin poles of boring and/or foolish. Today’s gadget-loving cats and dogs have choices, more choices for dogs than cats, mind you.

Take the bleeding-edge Motorola Scout 500-2, for example, perhaps the most advanced pet comm the world has ever seen (that is, until the Scout 5000 is released!). Too bad this collar-based video cam with two-way communication is too large and clunky for a cat, or even a small dog. (Our editors are willing to overlook that problem, however, as long as the manufacturers correct it immediately.)

Filling the vast space between baby monitor and electric fence, the Scout 500-2 is a monitoring marvel that even has night vision (for the camera, not the pooch). Your dog’s privacy is history, as you watch whatever he does from a 520 foot radius.

Though the service concept shows a heavy influence from the discipline and monitor crowd (doggy NSA), the product still shows creative potential towards higher hum-an-imal goals of play and community.

I can think of at least a few fun ways to use a Motorola Scout, which is basically a walking microphone and camera. So tricked-out, Fido is transformed into a roving video-chat session. Think of the time-savings alone when you can just send the dog to go talk to your mate or borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbors. I don’t know why a really smart dog, like Lassy-smart, couldn’t be trained to visit the post office or go to the corner store for you.

Of course, when the cat version comes out, we will have a much more interesting story on our hands.  Then there will be lizard cams and hamster cams, and eventually mosquito cams.  You can’t stand in the way of progress like that once it gets going.

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What the Dog Tweets: First Gen Wearable Pet Tech Begs for Second Gen

One day when you look at the “Puppy Tweets Blue” it will be like looking at one of those cell phones that are as big as a brick.

This device came out around 2010, which some dog-lovers eagerly awaited. Unfortunately, it was too large for most dogs to wear comfortably, so forget about putting this thing on your cat. Even worse, online reviewers panned it, mainly because it was too dumb for words. All the dogs seemed to tweet the same stupid puns, and many dogs tweeted more often when they weren’t wearing the device.

One clever purchaser discovered you could go in and change what the dog tweets. With the right hack, this application seems to have potential. But for most reviewers, “Puppy Tweets Blue” was nothing to tweet home about. It’s still available for sale at Amazon, and it’s only competition is “Puppy Tweets Pink.”

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New, Improved Ways for Cats to Get in Trouble


This is the tail of a Cairo cat stuck behind a subway wall for FIVE YEARS.

Cats are finding new ways to get themselves in trouble, and they are improving on old forms of trouble as well. Here’s just a few examples, and please feel free to share your own:

–A Florida cat recently found himself stuck inside an SUV tail light compartment, a feat most of us would have thought impossible. The alert driver noticed something was up when she saw a tail sticking out of her tail light. Nearby humans scrambled to rescue the shy stray, which took all of their big brains to figure out. Eventually kitty was freed, and is looking for a new home as of the latest report.

–In an even more-bizarre story, a cat in Cairo was freed last month from being stuck behind a subway wall for five years! The wall was built with the cat inside it, or the cat grew, or something, according to some nice man who was feeding the cat all this time, even during the 2011 Arab Spring revolution. In April, thanks to a Facebook campaign, concerned humans finally freed this kitty from his subway prison. Unfortunately, he was so terrified he ran and hid in some other part of the station. This whole situation just seems to scream: “kitty Kafka!”

–Even cats in trees, a traditional form of trouble, have taken it to, er, new heights.  Apparently in the Northwest, where the trees are insanely tall, cats climb up and do not come back down. Their humans allege these high-climbers often require rescue.  The problem is so severe in the region that an entire business exists to come rescue cats from trees.  Best of all, the whole thing is a new reality show on the Animal Channel.  It really is. This is not a hoax.

These daring cat trouble-seekers are on a mission. Whether they are exploring the innermost spaces of human construction or reaching for the stars on the tallest trees, count on kitties to be intrepid and committed to… whatever it is they are looking for or doing.  We may never know what that is.

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Crafty people make cat paradise on a budget

reddit cat house

We can’t all afford to hire the latest greatest hot shot cat architect or to tear down the house to build a cat palace.  Fortunately, making a cat paradise isn’t out of reach of mortal humans on a budget.  Working with the house he had on hand, this one crafty cat-saver created an interactive cat wall with an over-door bridge/hammock. You don’t see that kind of handiwork everyday.

More great pics and details at

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World’s Longest Cat?


Either this cat has 16 legs, or he just photobombed the panoramic shot.

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Cat wins “Most Awful Sleeping Face in Japan”

The winning photo speaks for itself. That Japan has this contest is inscrutable.

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Cat Meet Celt: Irish Cat Drinking Songs in Your Email

Is is too good to be true? IT IS NOT!

We can again thank the internet for bringing us Cat Drinking Songs fresh as a morning spring in your email.  Celebrate the Irish today with these delightful tunes of cats to drink by, even if your cat is on the wagon. But how can you enjoy Cat Drinking Songs from the comfort of home without running into any drunk kittens on the road?

Simply go to, sign up for their newsletter, Cat Drinking Tails, and you will receive instant classics like When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling and Lord of the Pounce. Does it get any better than this??

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This Kitten is Drunk


Why are they still serving this cat alcohol when anyone can see how dog-faced drunk he is?

Please be safe this St. Catty’s Day, because the truth is: With this kitten on the roads, no one is safe.

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Two Words: Cat Sushi


Thank you New Yorker for finding this perfect post-cat-art style snack, apparently on Broadway! New York, New York it’s a wonderful town.

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They’ll Take Manhattan


Another cat-themed exhibition takes advantage of the cat mystique, this one in New York City! Cats have always had a sixth sense for seducing artists of all stripes, getting on the painting and the page far more than dogs, generally. At least, that is how we see it here at Self Help for Cats. We may not be the uttermost authority on this, however, and we would not absurdly pretend to have no bias.

“Life of Cats” is on exhibit now through June 7, 2015 at Japan Society, 333 East 47th Street, Manhattan;

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