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Need a ride? New APP will drive you wild


Don’t just get where you’re going. Get there care of a cool cat. When you arrive at your destination with a lot of cool cat fur all over you it will be all the proof you need to show you are on the bleeding edge of techno-convenience. Grouber is Lyft with a catitude.

Below are just a few of the amazing claims they make about their incredible fleet of feline drivers:

Our drivers are spayed, neutered and have no reason to curl up in your lap and make it awkward. Trust us, these cats are cool. And every Grouber experience should be a paws-itive one.


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I said soon!!!

I said soon!!!

Emotions are running high as the Self Help for Cats staff work night and day applying the final finishing touches on our first book, Time Management for Cats.

The entire Self Help for Cat organization is happy to nearly have this one done. As you can see, the editor is getting grumpy!

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Furniture for Cats Who Read

Furniture for Cats Who Read

Finally, a book shelf for cats who aren’t tall enough to read past the bottom shelf. This piece of furniture is very close to perfect, but alas is impossible to find for sale. Learn about this up and coming cat furniture designer by clicking the picture.

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Party Time at the Cat Wig Zone

 Cat in Blue Wig

These cat fashionistas know when to work and when to party — and it’s time to party if you can’t tell!  The latest catreprenuerial concept to hit the big time has a lot to celebrate headed into the new year looking sexy and feeling on top of the world.  With top role models like these. watch out Victoria’s Cat’s Secrets!

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Blitzcat: The Cat Who Fought Hitler

book cover of   Blitzcat   by  Robert Westall


“A black cat. A nation in danger. A world at war.”

That’s the back cover copy on my copy of Blitzcat, a book about one of the bravest and most loyal warrior cats in all of literature.  This cat didn’t just do her normal cat work of keeping people’s spirits propped up in war-ravaged England. No, little Lord Gort had to cross England looking for her person, changing lives and become a fighter-pilot cat on her way, among her many anti-fascist exploits. 

Although it seems unlikely that a war story based on a cat will end up well, Blitzcat pulls you in faster than a pawful of claws, and soon you will be fully behind the story’s main character, the black cat Lord Gort, who proves that a cat authentically-drawn can carry the central role in a novel narrative.  Bravo to author Robert Westall for giving the world a truly-great feline literary figure for the ages, and for all ages.  Don’t let the Young Adult sticker fool you, Blitzcat is plenty appreciated by young and old alike.

Got a favorite cat in literature?  Drop a comment below so all us cat-loving readers can check it out. 

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Got Cat Blog? Catabloguing the Blogatosphere

They’re all over the Infobahn, if you’ve managed not to notice: Cats blogging their hearts out, and the people who type for them.  There’s even a whole uber blog all about the cat blogosphere called Cat Blogosphere, with the tag line: “We cats are taking over the innernets.” Here you can check-in on the latest haps from cats blogging day and night around the planet, abridged and indexed in adorable kitty tawk.

Yes, clearly in the virtual world as in life, cats have made their beds and are doing their best to sleep uninterrupted in them.  I find it “personally” useful that someone is at least partially cataloguing the cat blogs, not to mention the other important stuff often reported on the site, like Bad Kitty’s Festival of Chaos, etc. 

Of course, nothing beats word of mouth, so naturally I want to know about any great cat blogs you know of, kitty tawk and awl. If you have one to share, you can leave it in comments, below, or send it to selfhelpforcats (at) gmail (dot) com. I’ll add any site to the blogroll if it’s, you know, something the discriminating Self Help for Cats reader might like. 

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Bullet Train Borrows Cats’ Ears & More

Retractable Cat-Eared Bullet Train

A futuristic train in Japan will feature air brakes shaped like cat ears that retract like cat nails!  Of course, the retractable-claw cat-ear air brakes are superior to all the brakes people have made without involving cats’ design ideas, proving that cats should be consulted more often in the design-phase process.

What does it mean that a train of the future borrows so heavily from feline technologies?   Is this early evidence that cats are on the cusp of improving our lives Big Time?  

A minor point: Cats take no responsibility to the disco-tights quality of the train’s exterior. For that, I think you can thank manga.

Learn about the cat’s forthcoming bullet train here.

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Real Cats Go to Lego Church

Precious sits in Lego church created by Amy Hughs 

Precious enjoys a quiet moment in the Lego church.

Here’s a unique example of a cat-human spiritual collaboration involving the creation of a church made entirely of Legos.  Naturally, Lego artist Amy Hughs’ cats couldn’t wait to get their paws all over the Legos church under construction, contributing their value-added X-factor to the Lilliputian house of God. 

Please go see the pictures of Precious and Anya terrorizing the organ player and lounging in the various vestibules.  It’s a rare glimpse into a world where cats are 13 feet tall.  Their devotion to spending time on this project highlights the cat’s attraction to special and even spiritual places.  If only there were more little nubby churches for them to attend.

In a poignant note, Precious (seen in the picture above) did not live to see the church completed.  That very sad fact seems to make the cat’s connection to the Legos church that much more mysterious and beautiful.

Self Help for Cats is eternally interested in hearing about all cat-human collaborations, in the spiritual realm and beyond.  So if your cat is your spiritual advisor or just is always “helping” you with your projects, we would love to hear about it. 

My thanks to the Ironic Catholic where I learned of this fantasic project. 

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Cats Provide Crucial Tax Season Aid

My cats love tax season.  Their human is around the house more, albeit attempting to focus on something, and there are always so many piles of receipts and paperwork to roll around in and chew on when the usual distraction techniques fail.  

But despite my cats’ apparent contract with chaos, don’t think they aren’t helping me do my taxes.  Their pressing demands for attention add a whole new urgency to the effort, if the April 15 deadline wasn’t enough.  

I just rest better knowing that even while I’m asleep, my cats are hard at work on all that crucial paperwork.  Sure enough, when I awoke on Sunday morning I discovered that Brody had been so thoughtful as to actually start “pre-schreding” some of my more delicate documents. 

Yes, I better get those taxes done in a hurry, lest there be little left of 2006 than some chewed up paper wads and small puddle of hairball.  You can’t buy that kind of motivation, people!

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Greed & Cats: Can Felines Adapt to Global Capitalism?

Among cats’ not-so-admirable qualities, it is generally agreed upon that greed is missing in action. Cats don’t typically fight over food, like dogs might. They may tussle over who gets the best sleep spot, true, but many are just as happy to share it.

Yet despite this apparent deficiency, I’m here to assure you that it’s never too late to turn things around and instill a little old-fashioned greed into your cat, and give them half a chance in the Real World. Continue reading

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