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Cats & Christmas: The Evergreen Challenge


Here’s a holiday classic post and a perrenial favorite from Self Help for Cats. Merry merry!

Picture a quiet night by the Christmas tree. You sink into your comfy recliner and think about how nice it is to feel so relaxed, and then, wait, what’s that?  The Christmas tree starts to shake violently, all the baubles banging and clanging. “What the hell?” you blurt!  The tree is absolutely possessed.  Like at any moment it could split open and give birth to the alien.

You stare deeper through the pine needles and the tinsel and something is –staring back!  Then you recognize it.  That’s not the alien glaring back at you;  It’s the very wide eyes of your cat having the closest thing to a back-to-the-wild experience he is ever going to have in your living room. Continue reading

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Maybe What You Need is a Cat-Shaped Couch


It is very good to clear out all that clutter and replace it with a cat-shaped couch.

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I’ll be in my Egg

I'll be in my Egg

Don’t bother me, I’m hibernating in my high-concept fashion bed, AKA my egg. Fortunately, the dog doesn’t have the juevos to enter this ovum. If he tries, I will make sure there will be egg on his snout. He’ll be the yoke of the neighborhood.

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Stylin’ Kitty Pawdicures: Beauty That’s Not Skin-Deep


Having trouble finding a good pawdicure for kitty? Search no more, the best kitty nails are available on the internet for home application. Imagine the hours of fun playing kitty nail salon, as you apply this timeless claw art. Your cat will love every minute of his fashionista kitty nails, and so will your furniture!

Soft Claws for Cats – CLS (Cleat Lock System), Size Medium, Color Pink

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Fang Shui: The art of rearranging everything for your cat

fang shui

As the feline elves work furiously to get Time Management for Cats out in paperback form ($6.99 @ Amazon coming in early July), I realized upon review that I had never fully pimped my published work here at Self Help for Cats. So here goes. This also happens to be a sample chapter, since this piece ended up in the book. It’s a story that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle a few years back. Timeless as this essential topic is, they have kept the link up on their site. It’s my first published piece of cat writing, so you could say it’s the story that started it all here at Self Help for Cats.

Americans can’t get enough feng shui these days. Despite this ancient Chinese art form’s esoteric demands on our most personal, private spaces, which, by the way, all need to be torn down and rebuilt, well, we just can’t pass up a concept — a wisdom — that confirms what we already knew: The best response to life’s thorny problems is to redecorate.

My own meager attempt to apply a little feng shui around the domicile hit a few snags named Brody and Panther. Ancient Chinese wisdom may rule your roost, but my housekeeping is largely dictated by a couple of fur dragons on paws. I see now that what determines the order of my life furnishings can more accurately be called fang shui.

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Products to Excite Your Cat, Part 1


I know we’re heading into the exciting early cat camping season, but don’t let stop you from bringing a little nature to your cat right now. Imagine the hours of restless enjoyment as your cat watches all the little birdies a feeding away in this handy window bird feeder.  This item was practically invented by cats for cats.  It may not be recommended, however, for any kitties with a weak heart or low impulse control.

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Organizing Your Cats: Last Minute Gift Ideas from the Experts

cat organizing

Organizing your cats is simple with so many great last-minute gift ideas available on the internet, like these stacking cat crates put together by a savvy reader of

cat org xmas

Here, basic buckets create a high level of cat order AND adorable holiday centerpieces!  With easy ideas like this, you have no excuses for the same-old cat mess as usual this year.

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Furniture for Cats Who Read

Furniture for Cats Who Read

Finally, a book shelf for cats who aren’t tall enough to read past the bottom shelf. This piece of furniture is very close to perfect, but alas is impossible to find for sale. Learn about this up and coming cat furniture designer by clicking the picture.

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Party Time at the Cat Wig Zone

 Cat in Blue Wig

These cat fashionistas know when to work and when to party — and it’s time to party if you can’t tell!  The latest catreprenuerial concept to hit the big time has a lot to celebrate headed into the new year looking sexy and feeling on top of the world.  With top role models like these. watch out Victoria’s Cat’s Secrets!

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The House the Cat Would Build

First came the house cat, then came the house designed for the cat.  Progress, no?

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