My Editor is Puddy in My Hands

Another late night of editorial production here at Self Help for Cats. Night time is the right time for my clear-eyed copy editor to paw through the first drafts and offer his unique brand of feline value-plus. Not every cat is so devoted to blogging away his “on” hours, but at Self Help for Cats, we are committed, or possibly, we should be.

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Announcing A New Opportunity to Promote MEEEEEE

Today's bloggers drive their own destiny, each following their own siren song.

Today’s bloggers drive their own destiny.
Each pursues their own siren song.

Like many of my readers in the blogosphere, I take advantage of the widgets and websites available today to amass a media world empire in my spare time.  It’s slow work, but each virtual brick I place is one more stone away from everything I need to quit my dang day job.

It’s not that I don’t like working at the public library, where I do my best to be a goddess-like beacon of community love, light and fine-forgiveness.  It’s just that when one is born to write things like the fast-track plan to get your cat on the express escalator to success, well, you understand that it is called “a calling” for a reason.  One can only put off your very own siren song for so long.

Which is a really long-winded way of announcing that Time Management for Cats, the ebook, has its very own site now, thank you WordPress.  I know it can be hopelessly confusing to the uninitiated: What is it, Self Help for Cats, or Time Management for Cats? Just remember: it’s both!  The book is Time Management for Cats. It’s presented to you by the Self Help for Cats Site at  Thank you for your attention on this matter, and now we return to you to our regular premier cat lifestyle blog programming here at Self Help for Cats.

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Party Time at Self Help for Cats


So the cats won’t stop celebrating since Saturday when we published our first book, Time Management for Cats, at!  That’s right, I finally overcame Hank’s reluctance about the cover design and just went for it.  After the hours of editing and formatting, the actual upload was easy.

There was a small hiccup with the cover being too small at first, but that seems to be behind us, almost. At the moment, our status into premium retailers like remains pending, but one can get the book right now for $2.99 at

It’s a small price to pay for all the fun you will have putting your cat to work the Time Management for Cats way — and celebrating your amazing success! Click here to learn more.

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Got Cat Blog? Catabloguing the Blogatosphere

They’re all over the Infobahn, if you’ve managed not to notice: Cats blogging their hearts out, and the people who type for them.  There’s even a whole uber blog all about the cat blogosphere called Cat Blogosphere, with the tag line: “We cats are taking over the innernets.” Here you can check-in on the latest haps from cats blogging day and night around the planet, abridged and indexed in adorable kitty tawk.

Yes, clearly in the virtual world as in life, cats have made their beds and are doing their best to sleep uninterrupted in them.  I find it “personally” useful that someone is at least partially cataloguing the cat blogs, not to mention the other important stuff often reported on the site, like Bad Kitty’s Festival of Chaos, etc. 

Of course, nothing beats word of mouth, so naturally I want to know about any great cat blogs you know of, kitty tawk and awl. If you have one to share, you can leave it in comments, below, or send it to selfhelpforcats (at) gmail (dot) com. I’ll add any site to the blogroll if it’s, you know, something the discriminating Self Help for Cats reader might like. 

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