City Cat Summer Camp

I don’t know about you, but it’s hot enough here to shave a Maine coon cat.  Hot enough to give a cat a bath.   But why go to such extremes during such extreme temperatures?  It is much better to simply send your cats to camp, where swimming, running through the sprinklers, and riding horseback will give kitty all the cool stimulation he could want, and without the messy razor residue.

Ask yourself, what kind of city cat summer camp fits into your busy summer schedule?  Does the Fluffster need a basic day camp to tramp through the parklands, make friends and mud pies, build forts and chase flags? Or does your cat prefer to feed his own special creative habit?  If so, possibly explore a specialty camp, like cool cat-art camp or kitty outward bound. The possibilities are endless when you make them up yourself as you go along!

Whatever camp you choose for your cats, the important thing to do is remember to always wake up every morning and get your cats ready for another day of fun.  Do this and everyday will be a huge success.  I hope this helps clarify matters during this thought-smashing heat.  Thanks for your time, and as always, feel free to please share your cat’s own summertime aspirations and pursuits, if you like.

Waking up to another hard day.




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