Spin, Spin Lollipops: Decorate to Stimulate

Herman Panther & Ikea Lollipop Mobile

Herman and his mobile share a moment of peace.

I’ve said it before: Your house may be the place you land your sorry butt at the end of the day — but it’s your cat’s whole entire world.  That’s why you have redecorate everything with the cats’ needs in mind.

To that end, I recently purchases an Ikea mobile (second-hand for $2) that looks like giant red lollipops floating upside down in space and proceeded to attach it to the hook already present in the ceiling just above our two six-foot cat towers. The whole idea here was to have a little cat-interactive art to swat at. 

The Mobile Glamoros:

Ikea Mobile aka Cat Swat Stimulator

(Pronounced Glam Morose – Ikea’s tribute to goth?)

After the cats’ initial “we’re just going to ignore that thing” attitude wore off, well, let’s just say the lollypop mobile survived its inaugural battle last night.  I myself slept through the skirmish, but fortunately Hank left me a full report, in verse, which it satisfies me heartily to share with you here:

Spin, Spin Lollipops, a Poem by Hank.


Race, Race, Race!

     to the tower, to the top, to the towering tower top!

(thunder) (thunder)

Rub Rub.

Panther head on tower top.  Rub, Rub, Rub.

dark, dark,

spin, spin,

Lollipops, Red Lollipops go spin, spin.

Dark, Dark.


thwock!  Spin, Spin     other direction.  Bap!

twing, bonk. Dark, Dark. Lollipops spin.

     Stand, stand.  Survey all, hit Lollipops with tail,

and descend.

(Thanks to Hank for allowing me to share his poem here on Self Help for Cats, where cats and creativity meet for expresso.)

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2 thoughts on “Spin, Spin Lollipops: Decorate to Stimulate

  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  2. Oh, really, Maximus? You’re ready for round two, eh?

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