A Bad Cat a Day

Bad Cat Calendar The year may be almost a third over, but you still have time to enjoy the daily brilliance of the Bad Cat Page a Day Calendar by Jim Edgar.  If you haven’t seen it, Jim’s My Cat Hates You website has won the hearts and hilarious photographs of thousands of cats around the world.  In Jim we find the cat-human collaboration doing some of its finest work, even allowing him to go so far as to quit his day job. 

Every day is a little better with one of the 365 “not so pretty kitties and cats gone bad” on the Bad Cats desk calendar.  And that’s what Self Help for Cats is all about. Helping cats to help themselves to help everyone, so we can evolve, folks.

Don’t miss Jim’s site at Mycathatesyou.com.

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One thought on “A Bad Cat a Day

  1. Alison Hi. Joseph. I read yur bloggy entrie of prevuis day Brody prreshred tax dokuymant. Oh I reelaite it. My cat Hank he have skratch probleme. He rip newpaper wile I read. it headacke. End artikel gone I say Hank couff it up! Brody have tax forme complyance probleme. Tell him stop preshred or get 10% pennaltie at meeltime. It shuold hit him in gut. Speak of gut. I heer some tennis rackit make of catgut. I shocke. I dont want Hank make into rackit. I esstablesh living will for Hank. Striaght to bury no orgn donr.

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