Finally, Self Help for Cats

Welcome to Self Help for Cats, a site devoted to the self-improvement of house cats. The human race has not domesticated a new species in thousands of years, so we have to work with what we got.

Self Help for Cats is not so much a website or a blog as it is a world movement. Cats everywhere are taking charge of their lives and saying, “Hey, we better get with the band wagon!” After all, cats have issues to deal with – public relations issues, for one. I mean, cats are super popular number-wise, but dogs right now have them beat in the charisma category. And any cat knows that’s just plain whacko.

Of course, PR isn’t the only area where cats need a major makeover. Cats in general need a whole new career concept and a complete political rebirthing. Self Help for Cats takes on the gamut of opportunities available to help your cat realize his greatest dreams.

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